Peter's Dock won over Leipzig
Петровский док изумил Лейпциг
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Peter's Dock won over Leipzig

A model of the Kronstadt’s Peter’s dock attracted the attention of both visitors and experts alike at a restoration exhibition in Leipzig (Germany)

The model was created by the LENPROEKTRESTAVRATSIYA Institute. The exhibit provides a complete picture of the project that is going to be implemented at the site of a unique dock that was designed by Peter the Great and came into existence in the early 18th century.  This hydraulic structure is unparalleled in the world.  By participating in the Leipzig exhibition, we let the global science community know that plans to adapt Peter’s dock and turn it into a museum and exhibition center are pretty much set in stone. The Russian Center for Underwater Archaeology museum and exhibition center was created with the backing of the Underwater Research Center of the Russian Geographical Society. The project has been developed by the Lenproektrestavratsiya Institute. According to the press service of the Committee for the State preservation of historical and cultural monuments, the project shall be implemented in 2022. 

As part of the museum, exposition of large-scale objects is planned to be showcased underwater. The exhibits will include ships that sunk in the Baltic Sea.

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