Plunging into the darkness
Шагающие в темноту
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Plunging into the darkness

The Central Naval Museum together with the URC RGS created an exhibition dedicated to the 135th anniversary of the Kronstadt diving school

The vernissage was attended by the Director of the Central Naval Museum Ruslan Nekhay and the museum staff, the Chief of the Search-and-Rescue Service of the Russian Navy Captain 1st Rank Damir Shaykhutdinov, naval cadets, and the Navy Band.   

The 20th century truly was the golden age of diving. The knowledge the humanity has been accumulating for centuries and the ever-evolving technology finally received the strong impetus during that period. Underwater engineering, diving medicine, and hydronautics started developing by leaps and bounds. 

The Kronstadt diving school has made an outstanding contribution to deep-sea exploration. This year, all of us who have some connection to the underwater world, celebrate an aniversary. This year marks the 135th anniversary of the founding of the principal dive training center, which simultaneously served as a unique testing ground for medicine and engineering.    

The Underwater Research Center of the Russian Geographical Society together with the Central Naval Museum created an exhibition dedicated to this anniversary. Plunging into the Darkness includes exhibits from the URC RGS collection, such as diving gear and tools, as well as medical equipment for underwater work. 

Exhibition visitors will be able to see divers as they were a century ago. What happened to the large and heavy dive knife with a broad blade that is considered to be the most versatile tool and the guardian angel of submariners? Historical vs. modern helmet, which one’s the best for work? 

Imagine yourself at the bottom of the sea with an early 20th-century lantern… Are you scared? How did the first diving medicine physicians work and what equipment did they use to save the lives of people who were forced to work while exposed to increased atmospheric pressure (ten times normal pressure)? 

You will find answers to all the questions at the Plunging into the Darkness exhibition open October 19, 2017, through February 19, 2018.  

Central Naval Museum, Exhibition hall no.1. 

Tickets: Adults – 300 rub.; 
Pensioners, disabled people (group 3), full-time university students (Russian Federation and CIS countries) – 200 rub. 
School students, vocational school students – 100 rub.