Океанавтика. Сезон третий
27 June 2019
“Oceanautica”. Season three

Another year, another “Oceanautica” oceanography summer camp program concluded at the Orlyonok National Children’s Center.

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Не «Барвоном» единым!
5 May 2019
Not just Barwon!

The URC RGS “Stirsudden-2019” expedition has concluded.

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Ответили на всё
24 January 2019
All questions answered

A new season, a fresh start. Underwater Research Center of the Russian Geographical Society reported on their 2018 activities and shared plans for 2019.

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«Архангел Рафаил», до следующего сезона
25 October 2018
Archangel Raphael, until next time!

In 2018, the team of the Underwater Research Center, RGS finished working on a Lübeck cargo vessel that sank in 1724.

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Гогланд. Промежуточные итоги
21 August 2018
Gogland. Interim results

Our 2018 expedition is entering an active phase

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«Три века под водой» в Ораниенбауме
19 July 2018
Three Centuries Underwater in Oranienbaum

The Silver Storerooms of the Grand Menshikov Palace served as the meeting point for the well-known exhibits, the new artifacts, and the famous wool caftan

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Мы на VI Международном культурном форуме
16 November 2017
Our center at the 6th International Cultural Forum

The Underwater Research Center of the Russian Geographical Society took part in the 6th St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, which was held November 16-18, 2017. ...

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Шагающие в темноту
19 October 2017
Plunging into the darkness

The Central Naval Museum together with the URC RGS created an exhibition dedicated to the 135th anniversary of the Kronstadt diving school

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Наша премьера в традициях РГО
12 October 2017
Our debut (in the finest tradition of the RGS)

The Underwater Research Center of the RGS has officially opened its first archaeological exhibition. The artifacts recovered from Archangel Raphael, a Lübeck cargo vessel...

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Гогланд-2017. Итоги
7 July 2017
Gogand-2017. Results

Initial conclusions from our experts concerning the objects found during the joint “Gogland-2017” expedition of the Expeditionary Center of the Ministry of Defense of the...

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Новый уровень ответственности
5 December 2016
Increased dependability, increased responsibility

Sergey Fokin, the Executive Director of the URC RGS has been appointed Deputy Head of the Expeditionary Center of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

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Петровский док изумил Лейпциг
10 November 2016
Peter's Dock won over Leipzig

A model of the Kronstadt’s Peter’s dock attracted the attention of both visitors and experts alike at a restoration exhibition in Leipzig (Germany)

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